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Our Explorer-as-a-Service (EaaS) is a fully hosted and managed service that enables partners to accelerate building their blockchain ecosystems.

Unparalleled building experience for developers

All the block explorer tools developers need to analyze, verify and interact with smart contracts.

Onboard new users faster

A seamless experience with the block explorer interface all users are accustomed to.

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Key Features

Robust features for a fully-managed explorer solution.

Block Explorer

A search engine providing users with simple, easy access to a wealth of blockchain data.

API Service

Block explorer data shared externally, powering dApps and websites in your ecosystem.


Tools, charts and dashboards for unearthing insights on your blockchain.

Token Info, Labels & Name Tags

Off-chain metadata providing human context to blockchain hashes.

Read & Write Contract Interface

An independent interface for interacting with smart contracts.

Verify Contracts

Ensure deployed contract code matches those published by projects.

Get the Explorer your users need.

Our EaaS is a flexible and scalable platform that offers all the components to build a high-performance, feature-rich block explorer.